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Nathan Smith is an experienced web and app developer, currently working with TechnoScore- a leading Full-Stack Development Company. As a technology enthusiast, he is passionate about sharing his web and application development knowledge.
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Head of Innovation @beeva - #Innovation, #Creativity, #BigData, #IoT, #LinkedData, #Mobile, #Design, #Lean, #Technology
قد اتهم بالغرور لالشيء الا أني لا أخالط السفهاء ما انا الا عبد لله وسيدا لما سواه لا تـأسفـن علـــى غـدر الزمان لطالما .. رقصـت على جثث الأسود كلاب لا تحسبن برقصها تعلو على أسيادها .. فالأســــد أســدٌ والكــلابُ كلابُ تبــــقــى الأسود مخيفةً ف
Lcda.Dcho. Fan de las #TIC, #elearning. Eterna aspiracional. De tan normal, soy rara.
Well.... I don't Know what to say but... I am single I love my friends and adore spending time with them this make my life better i hate almost egocentric people... from my qualities :cheerful, joking ,accept the criticism .i love peace and relaxati
Cei care sunt afara au datoria ca intr-o buna zi, sa aduca inapoi in Romania ceea ce au invatat! Fiecare persoana are un rol in viata noastra. Oamenii buni ne ofera fericire. Oameni rai ne ofera experiente. Oamenii cei mai rai ne dau lectii Oamenii
Fred Horstman is into gardening, pottery, sewing, and classic rock music. Thrilled with the info on Twitter. Makes bread & drinks green tea.