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Olympic Games_Track and Field Sports

It is a collection of phrases and words about the world of Olympics and track and field sports.

typical idioms (ANGER and HAPPINESS)

TO GO BANANAS - (to get very angry) MAKE THE AIR TURN BLUE - (to get furious) TO GO UP IN THE AIR (to get furious) DRIVE SOMEONE UP THE WALL (make someone to get very angry) TO BE ON CLOUD NINE - (to be very happy)

Driven by the growing demand for medical devices, novel coatings providing unique features are being

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Long-acting drug delivery technologies and services

Long-acting drug delivery has emerged as the novel and advanced drug delivery system which manipulate the dosing regimen of the drug in the body in order to sustain its therapeutic level.

The AI-based digital pathology market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of 8.3%, claims Roo

Driven by continuous innovation within pathology subdomains to improve care delivery paradigms across clinical practices, and active R&D efforts undertaken by industry stakeholders, the AI based digital pathology market is likely to witness significant growth in the coming years

Viral clearance and viral testing services market

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