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Useful phrases that can help you make yourself understood in English while travelling. Do you know how an English native speaker would ask for taking a photo of themselves or how to answer a shop assistent if you are just looking? Discover phrases from real situtations such as: “Can I help you? Thanks, just browsing.”, ”Would you mind taking my picture?” or “Excuse me, are you from round here?”

Emails and other online communication

Learn from real emails how to arrange a meeting, naturally asking for help or advice, requesting information, follow up communications like a human. How to open and close emails formally and informally. Imagine starting an email with “Sorry to be a pain, but can you…, ”Sorry for delay in getting back to you" or "Let me know if it works for you but no hurry"

Startups and apps

This collection is aimed at helping you present your tech startups or apps in English. You can memorize useful phrases for presenting, pitching, being interviewed on your product or service. Use the same clever collocations as successful startups used and still use in their interviews clipped from tech blogs. Such as: "Ping was born from a personal frustration with having a...", "Our Aim is To Bridge The Gap Between...", "At the core of the app lies a clever algorithm that allows" etc.

Introducing Social Phrasebooks

Phraseum is like the Pinterest for foreign language phrases. Instead of images you can discover and collect phrases on topics you are interested in such as: Presentations, Email and online communications, Discussions and debates, etc. In addition you can memorise and learn to master them.

Cram phrases into your long-term memory

Phraseum uses Spaced Repetition System that automatically detects weak and difficult phrases and builds lessons curated just for you. Compering to other SRS systems, Phraseum encourages an active approach to learning new phrases. Phraseum tests your ability to use learned phrases actively, not just translate them.